Free Cheesecake!!

When you are on a vacation, staying with your cousins, and your cousins are aged eight, twelve, and seventeen, a “kids” night out is a Must!

Us girls feel the music is a priority, but the kids only care about the food. Luckily, our favourite restaurant is open! And it is empty! Being the first customers means we can sit as long as we want, talk as loudly as possible, and hog as much as we can stuff into our stomachs.

We nod our heads to RHCP as the kids pour over the menu. Children feel like they can eat unlimited proportion if only they can choose what they want to eat. This is a flawed concept!

Plates were cleared and the cheque called for, but what came instead was…


Complimentary Cheesecake for the First Customers of the Day!!

There is always room for cheesecake!


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