Don’t you just love it when the randomest song you were thinking about starts playing in some obscure cafe you are sitting in? Now, gratified by my dazzling smile, my friend absolutely insists on paying for All my food!!

Things, it turns out are unfortunately not as awesome for my friend. We walk into the next store, and when we walk out the alarms go off!! No wait! That’s just her bag! Besides, Do we really look like shoplifters?

Does this mean we can go back in and pick stuff up and they won’t check our bags again?

The moral dilemma arises and the feeling of winning a battle against Evil is Awesome! But that is not the most awesome thing that happened today!

It is more fun to expand on the experience by updating your version of the truth coupled with strategically placed lies as your status on your favourite social networking site. Remember to tag your friend *victim* to get maximum benefit.

Every diabolical plan Must be accompanied by manic laughter!

Feel free to test for similar awesomeness đŸ™‚


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