Old Songs Spark School Memories that are Awesome!

While taking advantage of an empty house (Singing loudly and dancing like a lunatic) You somehow reach a page on that website where people upload videos, songs, etc, and find yourself listening to a song you last heard in school, on what happened to be the most interesting school experience you’ve ever had!

The problem with summer camps is having too many children in the same place. There is nothing so terrifying as a hundred twelve-year-olds in the same hotel. They end up in one creative invention or another. If they worked together, it probably wouldn’t be such chaos, but imagine if a group is experimenting with seance and in another room next door a few hyperactive girls scream because of a flickering light. When this is coupled with the fact that a group of wandering boys find themselves in a lift and see beer bottles. Rumours are an inevitable result.

The rumour that reached our room was “There is a psychopath in the building who rings your bell, opens your door and turns out the lights” Don’t ask me how? The search for that answer would be futile!

In the spirit of too many things happening at once, we had watch a very famous horror movie, and this silly rumour made us quake in fear. Don’t judge, we were twelve! And then the bell rang!

We equipped ourselves with all the weapons we could find in our dingy hotel room. Someone grabbed a hanger to beat the psycho with. A friend grabbed her shoe, she intended to force it in the psycho’s nose forcing him to smell it. Another held in her hand face wash, to squirt in his eyes. The peephole wasn’t working, so we opened the door by an inch, hiding safely behind it to find ourselves looking at two of our teachers!

We opened the door, and hid our weapons behind our back. Unfortunately, the facewash caught their eye. She asked what it was, and my friend’s answer gave us something to laugh about for the rest of the trip.

She said, “Ma’am, it’s for your eyes!”


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