Quirky Highs!

There are somethings which only those endangered species free from technology will know about! Video games make it difficult to understand the ecstasy that comes from jumping on your bed or over the gate of your own house.

Read under your bed with a torch for a change, you’ll find it is way more fun than the way we normally read. Pretend your sister is the Wicked Red Witch of the West and her story to her brother, who is eight and sitting right next to her. Imagining you are a tree, and allowing a ten-year-old jump on your back can result on the cheek from the dear boy. Yes, that is the age boys think girls are “icky”

That my friend is the gate I jumped over today (it is the gate to my apartment building, not a cause of concern). I am twenty-five, and that made it all the more fun. Trust me, folks! It was better than killing people on counter strike!

P.S. More ideas on quirky/childish highs are very welcome. Comment or email me, I might test them! 🙂

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