Sleepovers & Stereotypes

There are somethings which are classic like junk food and movies, but that aside, breaking stereotypes is awesome! Maybe you can even mix the classics by renting a movie from a different genre!

I stepped out of my comfort zone and rented “Top Gun”. Described by girliest girl I know in the world as “It’s about planes!” I spent two hours in sheer amazement, and went next morning to strangle the girl. Don’t worry! I let her live. Even if you don’t like it *disgusted look* you can spend a few hours looking at Tom Cruise.  So, now, I think it’s only fair that the boys rent “The Notebook” to even the score. Break out of stereotypes!

Set sometime apart for Counter Strike, invention in the kitchen, girl talk, food and water fights, but remember, the most important thing is how you are spending time with that special unique group of people you call friends!


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