Only for Those Approved by my Phone

So yesterday, my phone decided it hated one of my friends, adamantly refused to send my messages to him.

At first, I thought, as you probably are thinking now, that this was an incident that brought back memories from the time a rat died inside your house, but then, it occurred to me that my phone was behaving exclusive and selective, which, honestly, just made me feel special.


Once the frustration of an unsent message has left your mind, I saw unlimited opportunities for mischief. You can send messages like “I climbed Mt. Everest, aged 15 bottles of wine, cooked 8 cheesecakes, texted 9 other people who replied before it sent the message to u!”

Any common friends you are in conversation with, of course, must be told about this immediately. Share the message! My phone had already deemed them worthy of being the recipient of my with and charm. When you send them the message however you must add “I think I’ll have grandchildren before it reaches him/her”. And when they ask you to say “Hi” from them, say “Only if my phone let’s me”

I later found that my friend had his phone turned off, which was a completely logical explanation. Still I spent at least four Awesome hours thinking my phone was being selective and I decided it was time I named my phone.

I think Jeeves is apt, don’t you?


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