Turning a Flop into a Hit

You’ve bought your tickets, your popcorn, and found your seats. It’s ten minutes into the movie and you start yawning. Since it is characteristic of great minds, surprise surprise, so are your friends.

You  don’t want to leave. It was hard earned money that paid for your tickets. You are faced with two options: You can either complain, cry into your popcorn about a ruined weekend, and ask for the two hours of your life back OR you can make your evening a hit. 

“It’s impossible!” you say and your eyes are just about to invest in the great flood. Have you learnt nothing from the marketing strategy of a popular, depending on the region you stay in, sports good company? Something about Impossible being Nothing!

The answer, my dear readers, is simple. Drink five cups of coffee. Not more, not less. And no friend is exempt. After effects include laughing hysterically at jokes so ridiculously lame that you wish there was a lame joke police, speed talking at a level which results in the birth of a new secret language and a deeper understanding of why time is the fourth dimension. You can also crack your own lame jokes, and let the caffeine make them funny!

You may lose favour with some random strangers you will probably never see again, and hopefully, don’t need the approval of, but you will gain two hours you would otherwise have lost!


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