Everyday Near Death Experience!

So yesterday, a friend asked me what I did today, in classic everyday fashion I replied, “I woke up…” and in my attempt to recollect what I had done till that point I realised what an amazing thing it was that I did wake up! Because, you know, if I didn’t.. I’d be dead..

The deep philosophical logic here is that if we are in a car crash or at the edge of a high cliff, we create such a fuss about it, but everyday, there is a possibility that we may just not wake up, and we don’t even consider it. We human beings love drama! *Shaking my head with disapproval*

The fun logic is that next time someone asks you, “What’s up?” You can can say you had a near death experience!

My friend didn’t think much of my unique and creative way of looking at this stupid, humorous moment. He even compared it to an old popular show where an intellectual friend has a near death experience when the tyre of a car burst. My friend described it as barely an experience, but  he was laughing when he said it 😉


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