Do you remember a moment when everything has miraculously fallen into place? A moment when an answer you have been searching for presents itself so vividly and so obviously that you wonder how you ever missed it.

I began typing a new story for my book of short stories today. When I started it, I had meticulously planned the end, incomplete though it felt. Mid-story my fingers began to move. My brain, I felt was transmitting to them, one word at a time. Have you ever been typing, and realised that you don’t know what you are writing? Thankfully, your fingers certainly seem to know. When I finished, I saw what is called inspired writing. When you know you cannot take any credit for what you see. When you have no idea where it came from or how it got there. When it feels like some magnificent force has taken possession of your body and generously done all your work for you, in a way more brilliant than you could ever do it yourself.

I don’t wonder why a certain scientist forgot all about his clothes, jumped out of his bath, and ran joyously screaming, “Eureka!”


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