Creating your Own Fake Country!

Frustrated with all the heinous crimes in the country, my friend and I decided to get a pipe, steal all the children and bring them up right.

We had to take the kids somewhere, so clearly we needed our own country. Naming a country is a task of great importance. I called my fake country “KritikaLand” and in exchange generously offered the role of President to my friend, but I reserved the role of tyrant and dictator for myself. But what were we to do in case of a dispute? A king! We must have a king! We meticulously scanned page after page of a popular search engine on the internet till we found the perfect match. A exceedingly famous tennis player, who regularly held the number one spot. Wait! Maybe it was two! Or three? Oh Well.. He plays tennis.. We knew that by the time he learnt all the designation were just figureheads it would be too late.

But how would a country with a President, tyrant and dictator, and king work? I suppose, it would resemble a certain tea-party a hatter who was rather bonkers threw.



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