Engagements, as Long as It’s Not Yours!

What’s the best part about your friend getting married? Is all those hot single friends of the bridegroom she introduces you to? No. Those are mythical. Is it all the people your parents have explicitly instructed you to meet? “But we’ve known them for years, dear” Yeah, who are we kidding? Or the incessant “When are you getting married?” questions?

No, my lovelies, there is a silver lining. While the bride is being forced into the perfect teary-eyed look, with all the lights focused on her, you can make faces at her! No, I’ve discovered all the stuff your parents said about your face freezing were lies. If that fails try making juvenile “ooooooo” noises we used in middle school. These have the added benefit of chasing away potential stalkers. Singing “X and Y sitting on a tree… ” also helps make the evening entertaining. As a bridesmaid it is your right to embarrass both the bride and the bridegroom, throughly, at least on their engagement.

Note: For maximum laughs attempt in numbers. Large numbers.

For those wonderful people getting married…. Did I mention how happy I am for u? Honestly, I am 🙂



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