Light in Dark Places

Personally, I prefer summer as a season. Yes, I know the horror! How can anyone love the season of ice-cream and beaches, but I do 😛 Yet there are somethings about winter that aren’t completely repulsive.

For one, there is a supremely annoying necessity in summer, especially in a tropical place like India, to switch on the fan. Isn’t it obvious that when you switch on that demonic device all the candles in the room are blown out. *Sad face* Also, if the do fight the odds and stay lit, there is the issue of the temperature. You do not want to stay in a room forty degree celsius hot, and light candles.

So, when the incorrigible winter arrives, my trusty candle valiantly gives me light in dark places and a beautiful scent that never threatens to overwhelm your nose. Now, I can’t share the smell with you, but isn’t that picture awesome?



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