When Playing Imaginary Scenarios in Your Head

We all know how delightful daydreams are. We love playing out scenarios in our heads, and we do it over and over till what began as a walk amongst the clouds feels like the molten lava your boss ordered you to walk on. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if the lovely dream stayed lovely? It can! How? Because it’s happening in your head!

A friend of mine were recently discussing the charm of a certain popular actor, and we wondered what we would say if we ever met him. Promptly, she declared,”I shall ask him to marry me!” And then inhibition took over. She glanced at me and continued, “I won’t be disappointed if he says no.. ”

Any ordinary person would have probably consoled, empathised, and agreed with her, but thankfully, I am no ordinary person!

“Hang “What if he says no”! Let us us plan for what if he says YES!!”

And plan we did! It was unanimously agreed that the right thing to do would be to take him to the nearest court and get the document signed before he changed his mind. The rest of the plan is for me to know and for you to wish you knew. Before you leave for the day, remember, when playing imaginary scenarios in the head pick the least likely one for most awesomeness.


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