Cakes I Would Beg For

It is universally acknowledged that the best thing about party, any party, is cake! It may be be Anniversary, Birthday, Friendships Day, Parents Day, Family Day, Dog Day, We don’t care! As long as there is cake so will I.

By itself cake is great, but too make an awesome day you need Ice-cream cake! Have no idea what it is? Neither did I. Till today. Apparently, if you get down on your knees and beg, the bakery will make you a special cake made up of Ice-cream. There will be a wafer-thin crust of sweet bread in the middle and the icing will be a mixture of cream and nuts.Is your mouth watering yet?

The twinkly-eyed gentlemen will hand you a tiny mini-fridge to transfer the cake home and make all the food in your refrigerator homeless, but folks, this cake is SO worth it!


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