Terrifying Your Maid

Just a little, of course!

When you are working from home, you spend a lot of time interacting with your maid, and you realise that they are not as dead set against superstition as you are.

My darling mother instructed our maid to fetch something from our terrace, but our otherwise bubbly maid was rather against it. Now, if you try telling her that there are no such thing as ghosts the only thing you’ll for is waste your evening. The alternative, my dears, is to tell her that you met the ghost in the afternoon and he had explicitly told you he was not going to be available that evening for scaring your maid. His mother-in-law, quite the shrew, it seems, had made it very clear that if he didn’t show his translucent face at her place, she would force her daughter to initiate divorce. And I know it is highly unlikely, but in his own words his wife was a “Goddess”.

Despite my creativity, my maid didn’t do as she was asked, but I think That has more to do with her stubborn nature 😉


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