Wondering Why Sylvia Plath Put Her Head in the Oven?

“Kiss me, and you will see how important I am” – Sylvia Plath

One of my “I hate girls” six year old cousin would disagree, vociferously, and we began to wonder why someone who knows how important they are would try putting their head in the oven.

After strict instructions to those two young ones not to put their own heads in the oven. You never know what goes on inside the head of a child! We thought it would be fun to wonder why she did. Especially if answers include “To check if the chicken was done!”, “Maybe she was testing an idea for her new book” and “Maybe she thought it was cold outside”

We can contemplate but honestly, we’ll never know. She could just as well have done it because she thought it was fun. Like “Hey! I’ve put my kids to bed. I’ve cleaned the house and closed the door. Why don’t I go put my head in the oven?”


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