When You Discover Just How Crazy You Are!

If it’s your friend’s birthday, and you decide that they should be reminded of it every five minutes. Then I decided to take it one step further and tell all strangers around as well. I found that staff serving at cafés, can counters of grocery stores and liquor stores are Darlings in how eager they are to participate in your friend’s birthday!

One famous doughnut chain in particular, when failed to supply a repeatedly requested candle, absolutely made up for this tiny shortcoming, presented us with a free doughnut, thereby winning my undying loyalty. I am partial to anyone who gives me free food 😀 😀

Then you have to drag your friend around screaming, “Hurry! Hurry! Only so many hours Left!!! We have to have fun NOW!! Or it will get OVER!! And then it’ll Never come back!”

When they say,” You haven’t had any alcohol, How can you be high?” It is a joke! And “You are mad is an understatement!” is a compliment!

When people tell you that you must be different, please don’t listen to them. You are different! And because you are different you are one hundred percent certifiably Insane! Let your mouth be true to your brain and always voice the funniest things that pop into your head, it’s liberating! Lewis Carroll said the best people in the world are usually completely bonkers! And you know that these are the people you want to spend most of your time with!


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