Butterflies and Magic

I was sitting wistfully in my garden, minding my own business when a beautiful butterfly wandered in, pretty as you please. Like most digitally obsessed young folks of my generation I pulled out my smart iPhone and proceeded to chase the poor soul from tree to tree.

At long last my nobler self surfaced and I decided to talk to the lovely wanderer. I explained to her like I would a child how gorgeous I thought she was. I made my voice as inviting as it could possibly be trying to make one of God’s awe-inspiring creatures understand why I wanted to take her photograph.

And my pretty finally obliged! She sat on one plant, spread her wings, and I didn’t pause to steady my hand. She fluttered her wings, and I took two photographs. Then she flew away, but no edges on the photograph were blurred. It was as though the butterfly said,”You got your photograph, now, Let me go!”

And that isn’t even the most awesome thing that happened today! The thing that made me explain and people made people look at me like I was insane was the appearance of the blue butterfly! And then the green butterfly! Then the five butterflies entourage that came for a visit!

Have read of those girls? The ones butterflies follow? Today I was one of those girls! And I owe it to my red butterfly. Look! It’s back! It’s like its in love with me or something! Wait! Is it?



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