Presents! Presents! Presents!

My apologies for the decline in posts over the last few days, but I believe slacking is the best gift you give to yourself on your Birthday. And Duh! Presents are the only point of having a Birthday! The catch, my friends, is what kind of presents you get. Unfortunately, for someone like me you have to work extra hard. I’m not easily impressed. The plus side, however, is as those inimitable collective people say the harder the task the more rewarding it is. In this case you are treated to the enchanting sparkle dancing in my eye and my special smile.

Yesterday, there was more than one person who I bestowed these rare and precious gifts on…

The smart alec boy who seized the moment and wowed me with a nothing less than brilliant display of humour. There is nothing more impressive than a smart person who share their smart ideas even if they are using your words on their birthday to con you into a treat. It’s just the beginning of a good rapport.

FullSizeRender (1)

The next gift should be an easy one to guess… What makes a writer swoon? Although I have a sneaky suspicion other creatives encroach on this copyright….. Stationary! And really pretty stationary.. Like really really pretty stationary. Stuff that you can use to document the worst collection of random lovable thoughts you that cross your insane mind. Writers are very particular about that..

An abundance of food is always a good idea. Your four trips to the door are so worth it when you learn to say thanks to the delivery boy, firmly close the door in front of him, and conveniently forget to tell him you are going to get the money to pay him with. Not to mention the fact that you get FOOD!

Setting up the bohemian way, with aesthetic lighting, candles, and flowers. Then finding a tiny glass bead so smooth that you can pretend its a pearl.


The Foosball table has always been in my house, courtesy my darling brother, and the Foosball table in my house has never been used, courtesy my brother. So, if your mother sends the invitation out for a Foosball party at your house it usually reads “Come over for pizza and that football table game they play on that TV show you watch” I’m sure all the intelligent people reading this can imagine how much fun nonsensical screaming and shouting is. Added benefits are when the miniature football doesn’t roll down your side of the table, co-ordinating perfectly with the person you are playing with, and finally, the most important thing… Naming the miniature football players 🙂 Learning from this Birthday…. I’m a really good at Foosball when I’m not spaced out 😉

FullSizeRender (2)


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