A New Way of Reading Books

Until recently, I used to read books in much the same way as the voracious and much to prosaic reader. Then I stumbled upon a clandestine superpower. Carry a pencil!

Idiots are advised not read any further.

Those who think outside the box will know that this is not to note down new words, nor to note down point characters make in their dialogue. I decided I would note down what I think about what happened and how the puppets the writer is so cleverly manipulating are feeling. This is a brilliant way to ascertain a writer’s “Masking and Revealing” tactics so you can fabulously use them yourself at your convenience.

The awesomest advantage is that when your pick for the day is a bestselling and deeply thrilling mystery novel, and you, belonging to the class of humans with superior IQ, determine who the murderer is before turning to the end, you can tell how you got there!


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