A Lantern Lit Sky

The city of Ahmedabad annually hosts the much awaited Kite Flying Festival. Aside from the oh-so-obvious joy you get from actually flying a Kite, there is a vast variety of food, freshly prepared and readily, available for the occasion. After spectators have enjoyed the view of a variety of kites and the experts have hijacked enough of those Kites, it usually dark. That is when the lanterns are lit. One must be patient and soon there are too many in the sky to count. It would be more accurate to state you sometime see the sky in between the lanterns.

The Kritika way of making this already awesome night more awesome is rather simple. The next time a close enough friend asks you to take a picture of him with the magnificent sky accidentally forget to return it. Depending on the kind of phone it is you can update statuses, get them into new relationships, or my personal favourite declare they are ready to get married! Unfortunately, the nobler nature within me stirred and I returned my friends phone touched by the panic on his face, but it was a fun to watch him figure out all the creative ways to hide a cellphone on a roof.. The consequence, of course, is that you get blamed for anything else the lose for the rest of the night! In hind site, I should have updated that status… “I have decided to quit my job and follow my destiny to become Batman!”


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