Teaching You How to Live

Make life your job and its sole purpose the maximum amount of fun you can squeeze out of it. You know those situations when you find yourself amongst people of less than superior intellect. This, my friends, is an opportunity, and those unsuspecting fools your test subjects, for if Life is your job then experiment is key. Don’t fall in the “it isn’t proper behaviour” trap. It is known for publicly murdering humour.

Any dull conversation can cause a riot, the kind that has people laughing. All it takes change of perspective. Be a navigator and use your head to turn. They need you to save energy that the mundane is sapping away. Think of the funniest thing to say ! Trust me, there is always something funny to say.

Today when a friend looked at the word love dangling from my ears, surprised he stated, dramatically I might add, “I didn’t know you believe in Love.”

“Of course I believe in Love,” I replied, earnestly, ” I just don’t believe in Love with one person” 😉


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