Playing with Words

Don’t you know what it feels like when you know the word but the God of wit and humour has cruelly erased it from your memory? Of course, you do! It usually followed by an expression on all onlookers faces that you just have to explain, “I’m not an idiot”

There is an easy way out. Much to easy a way out. Make up your own word. If you are gifted by God and have deceiving intellectual looks, you can even get away without follow up questions. People just assume it’s a word that you know and they, sadly, don’t. Those less fortunate will just have to practise the personality to pull it off. What personality? The personality, my friends, that says I’m cool enough to invent my own words, because you see the one hundred and eighty-three thousand and five hundred words in the world’s bestselling dictionary just aren’t enough.

You may even want to invent words just because you want to practise that personality 😉


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