Travel without Travelling

Bibliophiles know that the true way to travel is to read a new book, but even those naively terrified of reading and broke have available at their fingertips the most exhilarating way to escape the mundane!

Think of your favourite city in the world! Don’t be prosaic and think of the city you live in for God’s sake! Think of the one you’ve always dreamt of flying away to.

Now, use the brilliant 21st century technology and open a new tab. And pick your favourite search engine to type “Images of Rome”. Please note Rome here may be replaced with Florence, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Morocco, or Alexandria, it is your choice. And your favourite city. Click on any picture you want and stare at it. You’ll soon find yourself there. You’ll see.

The alternative, of course, is to use Peter Pan’s flying ability to get there magically. But remember, you have to believe!


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  1. I love to do this, and its also a great way to research somewhere by a quick images search!


    1. kprsd89 says:

      Exactly! Although I also do this when I’m researching/re-visiting a place for my novel. And sometimes upload on facebook because I think facebook has too much accurate information about our lives.. I know the response is long over-due.. My apologies.. 🙂

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