Bachelorette for the Boring!

What I don’t understand is why people have the sudden urge to make a spectacle of themselves the minute they get hitched… Isn’t the reason you want to get married that you don’t want to be with anyone else? So why instead don’t you celebrate your excitement by doing something you love instead..

Today, for example, a rare friend who hasn’t lost her marbles as her nuptials approach decided to celebrate the last few days of her independence, IMHO this statement is open to discussion, by spending the day hammering the stress out of her feet at a spa with personnel skilled at Thai massage. Oh! You cynics! Give it a try, will you? The knobbly feeling in your feet is better than eating Nutella from the jar. Yeah, I see the daggers pointed at me. No, I don’t care, it’s true.

And since, there are only a few days till the dreaded/awaited day, this gives free license to eat what so ever you want. I have always found the hazelnut flavour to be especially appealing and when it is coupled with pizza that looks like a buffet of your favourite food and mexican dishes that have steam blowing out of your ears, you don’t really need more stimulation. After all, what more do you need after this…


And This…


Except, of course, Girl Talk 😉


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