Status…… Connected

It’s true what they say… When there is no internet I forget the rest of my computer works!

Walking the path less travelled and going completely low tech, as is resolutely uncharacteristic of our generation, does have its advantages. You reconnect with your love for the numerous pieces of paper that our proud ancestors call books. You definitely get more writing done, what with your lack of the ever distracting tabs opened to the ever inviting social networks where your friends are one ping away. You finally decide its time you lost that extra kilo at the gym.

But your writing will be missing the essential fact check, and you will still open those tabs to scream at the “no network found” dialog box. In the end, it all come down to a sign. The sign you’ve been waiting for. The sign that says your status is connected.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 2.51.15 PM

And all is right with the world again 🙂


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