The Gift of Foresight

The trick is that you can’t tell people you have it. They won’t believe it. When they see it proved they’ll call it luck. And when it happens repeatedly they’ll get you to tell them what they want to hear, but they still won’t believe it will happen. How does it happen?


The power of foresight lies with those who understand, and who are truly able to step out of their own perspective into another’s, then place themselves in that person’s shoes, look at how that person has acted in the past and how much the person has changed since and then conclude the possible action they will take and the repercussions this actions will have. Emotions run the world. But emotions are insignificant and people don’t think so much. And gift of foresight remains a mystery to those who don’t understand and a secret with those who do.

Seriously, who would want mockery for being omniscient, there are occasions, however, when you’re watching a movie and the heroine and the hero fight. The boy lies and then he feels a sharp stinging sensation in his cheek, a sensation commonly experienced by those who are slapped, hard. You hold the remote and hit pause.

“Do you know why she slapped him?” you ask the unfortunate giftless spectators of the movie.

“Because the lied” they respond in unison.

“No,” you answer, a little smugly, “She slapped him for thinking she’s stupid enough to fall for it”

Your gift of foresight gives you moments, and you must seize them. When you un-pause you’ll be proved right.


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