Talking Nonsense!

When every second someone around you is getting married, you should be prepared to hear the dreaded question “So when are you getting married?” I may forgive you for the blank look on your face the first time, but the second? Tch Tch. You know what the inimitable collective “them” say about fool me twice…

Can you find no public figure who has been set in the same difficult position right as you? Mark Twain for example said, “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog” Take a page out of his book, my darling, but I’d leave the reference to people if I were you.

The way I respond to such well meant questions is “I really like my couch”, pause, “We’re totally having an affair”, pause, “but, it has commitment issues”. And a tactfully added shaking of the head and rolling of the eyes is what drives the joke home.

A nonsensical question, you see, requires a nonsensical answer.


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