The Queen of Drama

So you know when you feel like an idiot when you are hurt by something as stupid as idiotic as someone sitting on your chair when you get up. Don’t lie, you know it happens. Usually, specifically on those days your boss had given your performance evaluation. Now, you can either fall for the new age stoic nonsense and pretend it doesn’t matter when it does, or you could get angry, Or you could be original…

Imagine saying, “I cannot believe you would do this to me! That chair was the only ray of hope in my life. And you ruthlessly sucked it out of me. How could you? How could you? How could you?” When used complete with appropriate hand gestures it could scandalise anyone into giving you whatever you want.

I almost felt sorry for the poor soul.

Naah.. I didn’t raise them. Their issues in seeking approval from strangers are someone else’s problem 😉


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