Having The Coolest Friends EVER!

Now I know we all think our friends are darlings. They are. But isn’t everyone when everything is good. When you are adorable, everyone loves you, but the time your friends are really put to the test is when are less than perfect. When you behave nothing less than a stark raving lunatic!

There are times when friends go above and beyond the call of duty, and that is when you KNOW that they are the coolest people in the world. When you make ridiculous demands like asking someone you aren’t sure even knows how to read to “like” the brand new Facebook page for your book, and they. When you are dimwitted enough to watch a Hitchcock movie at midnight, and ask a friend to stay up talking to because you are terrified of your window and they do. When you are idiotic enough to go to work even though you have the flu, and very nearly faint in your chair, and your friend generously offers to do all your work for you. You didn’t even ask. They may even go a step further and scream at your boss…. “Can’t you see she’s sick?”

Yes. There are times your friends pass the acid test. They are the coolest friends EVER and you must never doubt them again!


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