Fly….. Check!

A few days ago, I was wondering if all the universe conspires to give you what you are asking for, when it was planning to make me fly. I think it figured the easiest way to make me shut up was to give me what I want.

No. I did not sprout wings. Damn! But paramotoring is no less fun. Aglow with white light the motor thunders behind you but all you can hear is the beating of your heart, which increases just as the speed of the vehicle does, and you feel a thud inside your chest as you take off.

Since I am no expert, all I had to do was ensure my hands stood firmly fixed on one part of the machine, keep my knees from shaking, and enjoy the view.

The hedonistic wind gushes at your face, faint tremors of excitement run down your spine at each turn, and soon it is all over.

Phew! Another thing off my bucket list!


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