Getting Lost!

It may not sound like the most awesome thing that can happen to you but, trust me, it is! Of course, it’s too scary if you are all alone in the pitch dark, but I am talking here if the mild thrill you get when you know that somehow, sometime soon, you will be found.

The only thing that matters is that you have enough gas in your car, a trustworthy, or dare I hope, entertaining companion, who can take the wheel once in a while.

The dark doesn’t seem as dark. The terrifying is new and thrilling. Birds and animals so elusive that world thinks they’re extinct will show themselves to you. They’ll run away by the time you whip out your phone camera. They don’t want to be photographed, you see. Take a look at the twinkling lights along the road, a thousand diamonds in the sky, all put on display exclusively for you. Things that lose their appeal on film. And did you ever realise your stereo had such fabulous volume?

Something that could have made you cry becomes a wonderful “Do you remember the time we..” story.. Take a deep breath, you will be found soon, meanwhile Enjoy being lost!


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