Leather Jackets and Helmets

There is nothing like being on the road unless it being on the road on bikes in leather jackets, helmets and gloves, but dirt bike racing comes a close second. Especially if you’re a natural 😉

The helmet keeps a dirt from your eyes and your leather jacket keeps it off your clothes, but let your inner child live a little, at least get your jeans dirty! The dirt track is license to go as fast as you can and make it jump as much as you can. Remember that you have a passenger and resist the temptation to jump out as the bike threatens to overturn at a particularly sharp turn. They do not deserve to die for the annoying overbearing instructions they give sitting pretty, and neither do you!

Also, you are free to drive at any bird in your path, but usually they fly away.

When you go dirt bike racing you understand the term “kicking up a storm” and it has never been so much fun!


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