When a Boy Asks You to Marry Him

Even if it is a joke, although if you say yes they’ll pretend it wasn’t, asking a girl to marry him is the highest compliment a boy can pay a girl. Since boys are utter shit at expressing themselves, most of them anyway, I believe the word is called alexithymia, I will benevolently help you out.

It usually translates to “Girl, you are a Goddess. I don’t think I’ll ever find anyone else as awesome sauce as you and feel it is even less likely that I will ever convince them to stick around, then in the offchance they agree, there is still the possibility of me getting so annoyed with their constant presence that I might want to blow my brains out. And not only am I ready to sacrifice the delicious thrill of dating several other women at once for the sole pleasure of you company for all that is left of my pathetic existence, but I am also plan on relishing it. You are also the only Goddess I have ever met who can inspire in me enough bravery to actually voice thoughts most boys take atleast a decade to cough up. Please, please, Marry me? Or my what is left of my life will be a string of meaningless attachments with girls who will ended up broken hearted because I can’t give them what they want. My heart. Because it’s determined to stick to you”

Now, I’m a girl, and can’t be sure, but since no one can tell you what goes on inside another person’s head, let’s pretend it’s true 😉 Also, its superawesome when the same person asks you a second time 😉


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