Something Stupid!

The thing is when we do stuff stupid is made of we hardly ever know it. Personally, I never know it. I usually only find enlightenment after the fiasco has passed. And boy! That enlightenment is awesome, mainly, if the problem was similar to the kind a two year old has when he can’t find his teeth. Just so you know, I know nothing about when kids start teething and when they start looking for those teeth, so those fact may be entirely inaccurate.

These problem usually are of the type when you hear someone screaming from the restroom. They shout, “The water taps stopped working! I don’t know what to do! How do we stop the water” You walk in to see flooding water. Everything is drenched and the concerned idiot’s clothes are damp. The loveable fool gives you a helpless look and being the ray of sunshine you are you oblige them by offering your assistance. You turn the tap in the direction you have been using to close the taps. The most astonishing thing happens. The water flow stops!

You are baffled. You turn to see a deer in the headlight who says, “I’m not stupid!” That is what most ordinary people think. Yes, surprising, isn’t it?

Thankfully, a few extraordinary people say, “That’s not what I was thinking at all!”

It is the deer’s turn to look confused.

“I was wondering… What were YOU doing!?”


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