Making Someone Smile

You would think that breaking the handle of your saucepan would be a bad thing. Is it? Granted, my heart did break for a second. For boys the feeling can be associated by being kicked in guts. I mean. How? How will I ever get the hot water inside my tea pot now? How? How? How? And then it hit me. I took a thick towel to hold, the kind that you can also wrap around your arm to save yourself from water burns. Voila! All things fell into place, as they usually do in life 😛

The problem may have been solved for me but, apparently, not for my maid! The disapproving looks she gave me! Sigh! I hope no one has to ever experience such mental torture.

“Madam! You broke the saucepan!”

“No! I didn’t! I promise you!” She looked sceptical. “There was a bird! And she fell into it. And then, somehow the thing overturned. It fluttered and fluttered its wings! All that fluttering pushed the saucepan over the edge. The round metal bowl was in one corner of the room and the handle in another!”

“What yarns you spin, miss!” said my dutiful maid, shaking her head in despair.

“Then it flew away or I would have caught it, cooked it and eaten it as sound punishment for breaking your beloved saucepan!”

And that, my friends, is how you make someone smile. Practise on the hardworking people you see everyday. Stranger’s are the easiest victim for you game in which there are no losers 🙂


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