New Pyjamas You Don’t Need!

We all know that when mothers visit the suitcases they bring is stashed with stuff for you. Not that I’m saying mother stash Anything. Sorry, Mom, I meant pack neatly with everything in the right place because, Heaven Forbid! The red clothes should touch the pink! Anyway, its totally your birthright to open and inspect each item  in detail.

The maggie is expected. For those who don’t know, maggie is the life giving nourishment every Indian survives on at least stage in their lifetime. Shampoo, Soap, Conditioner, Moisturiser, a fresh set of contact lenses, pickle.  Yes. Mothers get enough supplies for you that you don’t have to go grocery shopping for the next six months. Mine even gets me packets of rice. Now, imagine if with all this there were three brand new pyjamas!

Yes, Pyjamas!

“Yours are torn!” says the angel, “And I know you’d rather smell dirty shoes for a living than buy new Clothes!”


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