Preparing for Valentine’s Day!

Boys may use this post for tips! There are few girls who are opposed to cruelty to flowers, but usually, it because you didn’t pick their favourite flowers. The cliché says dinner, candy and to quote Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, “promises you don’t intend to keep” but sometimes a single flower and quote from her favourite book is enough. What can I say? There are somethings about which girls are just stupid! 😉

If there is no boy. What are you waiting for? Do it yourself! These aren’t the middle ages and you have every right to be a superhero, especially your own. Every TV channel is showing a movie and every radio station is playing a song, and no shopkeeper said he won’t take your money on Valentine’s Day if you’re a girl! If there is no girl, I just feel bad for you 😛 but not too much, because, Dude! Go get one! Read the first paragraph again!

Unless, of course, you Want to eat all the candy in the box yourself. If you think boy could only take time away from your favourite book or think girls are a poor substitute for a good video game, that’s cool too.. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse! And there no clandestine affair of marrying couples in secret because the King needs men for “the war”, but aren’t balloons and make-believe fun?


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