Valentine’s Day Pranks

For those who have already planned for the mushy, corny, day of grand declarations of Love, you might want to skip this one. The singles always have all the options I have angelically suggested in yesterday’s post….

OR…. you could do what I did…

Once upon a time a little girl with quite the entrepreneur’s spirit fluttered her eyelashes at me. “Could you find it in your heart to summon the nobler nature within you and buy these gorgeous heart shaped cliché balloons people run amok handing each other?” her eyes said. I looked from the brave little kid to the half-filled balloons and my heart grew three sizes.. Wait that happens at Christmas! Anyway I paid the meagre sum the child asked for already a plan of the most diabolical nature had planted itself inside my evil head.

It helps when you have a few different hand writings to choose from, so when you write the note you are going to sign “From your Valentine” you can use a handwriting, your friends or what I call “My unsuspecting victims” they don’t recognise it. The only thing left now is to make sure they don’t open the door at the precise moment you tie the note and the balloon to the latch for their door. The last loose end is tied when you leave a balloon at your own door.

If you’re lucky a friend might show up at your house and say, “You’ll never believe what happened!”

If you’re even luckier, you watch them roll their eyes at all strange anti-social elements, and glare at their confused enemies. Deflated balloons are extremely juvenile, you see, and the condescending looks are absolutely worth it, especially since the recipients don’t even know is directed at them. Hold your laughter as long as you can or the game is up!


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