Challenge Accepted!

The one thing I love above than anything else about being a writer, not I did not say the best, it’s different for different people, guys, for me it is that ANYTHING, just about ANYTHING is possible.. So when someone says to you, “Hey, Pigs can’t fly!”

You smile and casually say, “Are you sure? Really? Could you bet your life on it?” And when they nod in agreement you add, “Watch me make them.” Let your smile turn sinister till you turn them from every conviction they have formed in their lifetime and their ancestors.

So, when I see something like this, curtesy “The Internet”… I can only say “Challenge Accepted”


Since I know that I am not the only mind-blowing writer in the world there are probably already a dozen working on it right now, and considering that it took me approximately a year to write my own book “Short Stories for the Imaginative Adventurer” that is soon to be released, I’m guessing it will be at least a few years before those books that I can’t wait to read will be released. For now, I hope three hundred words to attach at the end of your favourite book will do 😉 Well three hundred and nine to be exact. Let me warn you, though the main character in this case is female 😛

“And then she felt the presence again. The feeling that someone was watching her. Someone who had been watching her ever since the first day that her life had started feeling less than normal. Someone who knew exactly how many tears she had shed, someone who knew what she thought and how she felt. Someone who knew all the disgusting things she had done, and had expressed only his empathy. He didn’t use words, but she knew he was there, telling her everyone made mistakes and accepting her despite her flaws. Someone who knew exactly how brave she was for all that she had suffered. Someone who could never touch her but had fallen in love with her mind, her heart and someone with whom, without having seen, she had fallen in love. She felt the tips of his fingers on hers. It was the only physical connection they shared. She knew, as well as she knew the sun’s colour through the sky, that he was watching her now. That he waited for her response now that he saw realisation had hit,

“Yes!” she shouted out into the void. She looked at the tips of her finger, folded it into the palms of her hands and moved it to her heart. Convictions tightened her wrist. “I’m here! And I’m waiting! We will find each other. Soon. In your world. We will find each other! ”

She took off her heart shaped locket and traced it’s engraved surface that read Destiny. “I’ll be wearing this. I may not look exactly like you see me now, but you know enough about me to recognise me at sight. You’ll know me like I know you. You’ll know me through your heart.”

She felt her heart throbbing inside her chest, and said, “I’ll let you go now. Till we meet again.”


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Haibar Zair says:

    Aw! It was so nice and kinda refreshing to read this !


    1. kprsd89 says:

      Thank you! Although I’m sure there are people working on a full fledged novel 😊


      1. Haibar Zair says:

        Yea I am sure, but the general look, especially the introduction para had a nice feel to it. Anyways, I mean well =)


      2. kprsd89 says:

        Lol! Yes.. I know.. And Thank you again 😊


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