Recycling Creative Movie Hooks

The purpose of reading a good book or watching a cool movie is to open your mind and, if you’re lucky, inspire you. Someone great has said that, but being more interested in the message I have forgotten who šŸ˜› Most of us simply laugh at the joke and move on. Don’t move on! Recycle! And for once you can reap benefits of recycling yourself!

For example, in a particularly hilarious show the lead actress predicted for the protagonist what she wanted him to do for her, using in Sheldon’s words “mass cultural delusion”, It wasn’t becauseĀ the protagonist was a staunch believer in astrology that you smirked, shook his head and did exactly what the ingenious lady asked. It was because it was creative and hilarious.

So, I thought, you know being a writer and all, does it work? At my breakfast club today, everyone really should have a breakfast club.. it sets the tone for the day, I picked the guineaĀ pig for my experiment. A friend whose treat was wayyyy overdue. Now, I began to read all the astrology clips for the group one by one. Save your genius for the punch line.. It reads something like this…

“Capricorn:Ā Believe it or not, too much of a good thing really can actually be too much. You might not have believed it yesterday, but you’ll definitely be convinced tomorrow morning ….”

“Tarus: The difficulty today for youĀ is that you are spurned on to do more than you can handle, to involve yourself in projects that require more energy than you have or to extend yourself beyond your resources.Ā ”

“Scorpio: You will enjoy a comfortable evening treating the people you are eating breakfast with to dinner and the recently released movie “Roy” ”

Oh! It works! Enjoy šŸ˜‰


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