Using Psychology for Cons

In Psychological terms, a con only works when gimmick to get a hold of in the respondent, Eric Berne, M.D., the famous author of ‘Games People Play’ has narrowed it down to a formula. The conman uses a hook to get a what is the expected response. Now, the respondent waits for the conman to complete the interaction process by his expected response, instead the conman uses what is called a switch and responds in a way that is not expected. After having been a writer for approximately a year and a human for twenty-five, I realised that a majority of our daily interactions consisted response, and I, well the my evil identical twin thinks.. “Testing Theories is Awesome!”

So, when I see the vast number of people who taken to sarcasm to express their contempt, I see opportunity. Although, a person with mild aggression is a better test subject. Next time when someone angrily asks the happy Harry, “Am I supposed to be overjoyed this horrible thing that has happened to me?”

You put on your “I’m an idiot” mask, nod suggestively, bestow upon them your biggest smile and say, “Yes!”

The “Are you an idiot?” expression on their face is hilarious. No. They won’t punch you, they’ll just want to. And then they’ll look up and just to snub you, declare sarcastically, “Thank you, God, for your blessings!”

All you have to do is look into their eyes, smile and say, “You’re welcome!”


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