Blue Pin-Up Board

In true Capricorn fashion, unwilling to damage my wall with tape I have put up a blue board on which I pin up stuff. And when I love them less I take it off 😛 Because you see life is dynamic and redecorating my blue board provides the newness I need as much as I need air to live.

I have never met anyone one who can say they have loved the same thing in the same way for, pulling from sleeve one of those wonderful creative liberties writers take called exaggeration, a thousand years. Well I suppose human beings don’t live that long, so let’s just say twenty years. The thing is change is necessary. Change is what keeps us interested. It doesn’t have to be a complete destruction followed by rebuilding or re-inventing, you can simply redecorate.

When I take down the silly badges I’ve collected at concerts where I watched lunatics scream at the top of their lungs, I kid you not, one even winked at me, I think of how much I loved being there. How I loved the adrenaline rush. I think all the rough sketches I made before the painting finally made its way onto my blue board. I looked at the useless fake note that marks the inception for my practise of the Law of Attraction.

As I take them down from my Blue Board and feel the love flowing through me I realise that just because it is over doesn’t make it meaningless. And just because the time for those things have passed doesn’t mean that they have to be destroyed. The just need to be moved about a bit. After all, they too must be bored of sitting in the same place 🙂

My blue pin up board is life and life needs change!


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