The Evil Dress

It’s amazing how nothing this week has given me as much amusement as the discussion over a dress. Because, you see, when anyone shows a picture of the dress you KNOW what they are going to ask you next. You know don’t, don’t you? You already heard the words aloud in your head, didn’t you? *Smiling with all the evil I can muster* So you can wait for them to ask you the same question you’ve heard five hundred times already…..

OR You can see the photo and scream, “AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhh!!! What an UGLY dress!!! EEeeeeeWWWWW!!” Also, making disgusted faces at the picture helps 😉

But people are single-minded in their determination to get you to chose. You have to take a side you see. You can’t not care! You can’t say it’s a just dress and I don’t care a shit about what colour it is! You have to care! YOU HAVE TO! The dress is messing with people’s minds and you have to let it mess with yours too! The dress is EVIL!

So, you say, “If I don’t tell you, will you make me wear it?” Use tragic and pained expressions here!

When you’ve had your fill of drama, you sigh, and say, “It looks white and gold with tinges of blue and black to me.” Then you turn on “edit image” on your camera, and turn the lighting down. Show them that picture and ask, “What colour do you see?” You’ll probably get a look of disbelief, something I live for, and hear, “What the hell?”

“See, the evil dress can be whatever colour you want it to be!” 😉

Also, since the dress is evil, we should probably start making our own. You know, just in case.


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  1. Gabriel Gibilisco says:

    Here’s a different view on #thedress 🙂


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