I don’t care!


Yesterday, we did “I don’t know”, so “I don’t care”‘s ego was hurt, because you see “I don’t care” also has it’s very own abbreviation.. Idc.. The minute you say “I don’t care!” an image comes to mind. Ever seen a show called Scrubs?

The protagonist JD goes to Dr. Cox in a futile attempt at camaraderie. This results in what is my favourite of Dr. Cox’s infamous rants and is nothing short of legendary. The rant of all the things he cares as little about as the nonsense JD cares about. Click on the below link for a first hand experience of genius expression.

But the day could only truly be awesome if you had a similar rant of your own to sprout at someone when you want to say “I don’t care” in a new and mental way. That’s your trick to feeling awesome today, guys! Make your very own list of things you don’t care about!

Here’s mine to get you started 😉

Idc Whether it’s going to rain tomorrow. Idc Whether frogs are green or pink. Idc If Ronaldo decides to cut off his foot. Idc If people decide to wear lampshades on their heads and feathers in their nostrils. Idc Stephanie Meyer keeps writing more books. Idc Swiss Bank goes bankrupt. Idc When the next Hunger Games movie is coming out. Idc Who died last season in Game of Thrones. Idc What is at the centre of a black hole. Idc Who is richer, Bill Gates or J. K. Rowling. Idc Which popstar is most likely to be hit by a truck. Idc about the article “How to help a self-destructive loved one”.


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