Secret Hiding Places


We all have our secret hiding places and guard them with our lives. Girls more than boys. Between you favourite book, Beneath the pile of clothes that resemble Mount Everest on your floor, under your mattress or in the space between your chest of drawers. They grow more obvious with each generation and lose their charm.

As much as we want, the poor buggers who live in rented apartments know that Batman’s secret entrance behind a bookcase that leads to an elevator ending secret cave is going to stay an unfulfilled desire. At least for the time being.

So, when your maid how to read and remember number, and regularly test her, if in a misguided attempt to exhibit her intellect, shows you where her cheat-code is kept, you are reluctantly impressed. Especially if it is a place you’ve never considered, like a crack in the wall behind a painting no one has touched in years.

Makes you want to turn over every painting in your rented flat doesn’t it? Who knows, one of them may even lead to that secret cave! 😉


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