Out of Character

If you study people’s characters the way doctor bodies, you will find that most people are entirely repetitive. A human set on default mode, if you will and you can predict their future actions with near accuracy. Murphy’s Law says it all. If you can anticipate a problem it will surely manifest and the smarter species of humans prepare in advance for such situations. They call it plan B. However, in the geniuses often forget that sometimes things also go right.

Sometimes, it is better to give a person an opportunity to rise to the occasion. If you can let go of the prejudice for their past behaviour people surprise you. So, when a person who wouldn’t spend one rupee, the smallest available currency in India, to buy a piece of chocolate for someone else offers to buy something for you, your lower jaw move an inch towards your collar bone, and is determined to stay there.

When I received at my door a set of zodiac keys from a popular Japanese Anime I regularly watch I am not sure I blinked. And when I noted that this was not a cash on delivery I knew my cheap brother Loved me. Yes. Peter Russell is right. Indians are extremely proud of their miserly nature. My darling brother more so. And it is because of this I know behaviour that is quite out of character are signs of Love 😉

And they must be celebrates by running around the house screaming with excitement. The delivered present must be unwrapped only when either your throat or your feet hurt. Because you know, when you open it, it gets old..



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