Screaming and Running!

What do you think is the best self-defense in the world?  Yes. Its’ krav maga, although I’ve never actually met anyone who knows krav maga and if u know do.. I’m impressed. So, the best defence for a normal human being is screaming and running.

A dear friend once told me, when you see that someone, in this case her brother in finessing his WWE tactics, is going to hit you, if you scream like the building is on fire, it saves you the trouble of actually being hit. Your attacker is so surprised at your re-action to an action that hasn’t worked its way into existence, he pauses. Yes. Your scream gives you a minute. When they resume their attack, help has arrived. So guys, practise your rape scream. And remember, hair pulling, tickling, poking are all attacks! Public humiliation is a risk you’ll have to take. This self-defence is only for the brave.

As for Running, any smart person will tell you, no one can attack you if you aren’t there. Just keep in mind, the intelligent always run towards something, and never away. You really don’t want people to look at you think, “What were you going to do once you got to the roof? Jump?” It’s a different case altogether if you run to the room you with the ivy clinging to the window and climb down.

Screaming and Running has gotten me out of many a jam. And the public humiliation only gives me a high.  😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Akil says:

    🙂 lol. Bravo lady – FYI Kraav maga comes second to Chilla ke bhaga. 😛


    1. kprsd89 says:

      Thanks Akil 🙂


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