Breaking Stuff


What is the most cathartic way to deal with anger, stress, or even depression? Yes. You’re right, but the title made it quite obvious, so no prizes for being right. Pick so pick out that hideous piece of china your hateful third cousin twice removed has malevolently gifted you. Seriously, no one who loves you would ever gift you something like that. Now, pick a wall! Look to our ancestors. Ancient Indian Mythology states that royalty always built in their castles a room called “Kop Bhavan” which literally translates into “Anger Room”. And I strongly suspect they used it for dealing with their negative emotion by flinging breakables against the wall.

When breaking stuff catches you off off chances, the result is exponential better. For example, if your mother conveniently forgets all she had learnt about heat conducting devices in Physics and decides to use your candle stand. Instead of understanding that glass is a bad conductor of heat and would probably crack if you put a lit piece of camphor directly inside it, she concludes since you burn candles inside it camphor should have the same effect.

If you are thinking that you are already out of your scented candles and were planning to deal with your anger using the candle stand, as you search for something to hold the candle stand with, the moment invariably takes a funny turn. When the glass cracks despite your best, yes, I did Try to save it, the hustle and bustle transforms into “This is so ridiculous” laughter.


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