How to Give Exams

I firmly believe that the only way to respond to anyone who asks you “How was the exam?” is to say,”Brilliant! Mindblowing! Absolutely Fantabulous! In fact it was so brilliant that I think I’m going to get two hundred additional marks on a hundred mark paper for the sheer genius I have put on the paper.” There really is no point in getting scolded twice for one paper that made a skunk jealous. The truth is, the student’s job is only to write the answer sheet. It is up to the teacher to decide whether what he wrote is good or bad. But how to give the exam… Aaaah! That is another question 😉

I realised, a little too late, how Fun it would be to actually write all you know on your answer sheet. Not all you know about the questions asked. Simply, All you know.

So, you’ve finished writing your paper. And that’s not much. You’ve got time to spare. You revise. Question one. Check. Question Two. Check……….. Question Twelve. Check. What?????? There are no more questions?? Okay, my dear protege, pick the answer you know best from the prescribed text. The answer to the question that the paper setters carelessly forgot to ask. Start writing. Answer Thirteen.

If you an exorbitant amount of time left. I understand. I gave exams too. Pick your second and third best answers. Answer Fourteen. Answer Fifteen.


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